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Kinetic Label Services is committed to business practices and policies that reflect its responsibilities as a good steward of environmental resources.  In addition to providing a safe workplace for employees and visitors, we voluntarily participate in important initiatives within both our industry and our community.   Continuous improvement is a mantra within our company's culture and we extend that concept into improving our most valuable resource - the natural environment in which we all live.


















Sustainability & Awareness 

The daily processing of large volumes of paper, inks and other materials are integral to our business.  As a result, our people are keenly aware of the responsibility we have as environmental stewards.  Our commitment to Reduce/Reuse/Recycle is evident throughout our operations and in the ongoing efforts we put forth to integrate those concepts into our manufacturing processes.



Power Demand Management
Well-lit work areas are essential to a safe working environment and equally conducive to the production of high quality printed material. The company’s willingness to replace lighting systems with more efficient, newer technologies that provide excellent illumination allow us to draw several times less energy from the grid than we did in the past.



Recycling Production Waste
The production of billions of labels each year in our industry results in trimmings and other unusable by-products.  Kinetic Label Services works constantly to keep those by-products from having a negative ecological impact.  Raw materials like paper and plastics are segregated and collected for reuse or recycling. 

Selected Kinetic Sustainability Goals:

Solid Waste to Landfill 

VOC Emissions 

Water Use 

Use of non-toxic inks and solvents

Environmental Commitment

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